Competency-based Human Resource Development of COT Polytechnic

By Dr. Adie E. Yusuf, MA.

Academic Specialist, ADB Grant, Polytechnic Education Development Project, 2017.

Indonesia’s Master Plan for Acceleration and Expansion, covering 2011–2025, emphasizes strengthening human resources, science, and technology capabilities for the country’s economic development. The master plan highlights increasing value addition and expanding value chains for industrial production, strengthening production efficiency, and promoting innovation to generate jobs and income-earning opportunities. (ADB Project Brief, 2012,

Human resources are the backbone of higher education particularly Polytechnic Higher Education (VHDE) institutions. Qualified and dedicated staff are key to ensuring that polytechnic institutions fulfill their mission of teaching and learning, research, and service to society (Haskins & Shaffer, 2011). In order to support Human Resource System in COT as a center of capital management to promote continuous professional development and competitiveness and excellence in Polytechnic institutions.

The missions of Human Resource Development in Polytechnic Center of Technology (COT) are:

  1. Improve COT management capacity through developing competency of human resources based on industry requirements as a strategic partner.
  2. Prepare advance competency and professional skills of academic and administration staff to support COT organization
  3. Provide learning and development services and solution to performance by providing highly skilled resource person and facilitator in terms of learning technologies.
  4. Assure the transfer of knowledge and skills management through TOT activities for the Champions

The objectives of COT Human Resources Development (HRD) are

  1. Establish Human Resources System of COT
  2. Develop training system and learning modules based on IQF (Indonesia Qualification Framework) for COT in in five key areas; namely, (i) leadership and management, (ii) quality assurance system, (iii) legal framework and status, (iv) polytechnic-industry partnerships development, (v) manual of standard operations procedures (SOP), (vi) human resource development.

COT competency based human resource development is designed to support human resources development activities needed by COT and industries, including recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation/incentive, career and succession planning.

The outputs of Competency based Human Resource Development consultancy services are :

  1. Human Resource Development competency standard and model according to IQF and industry requirements for COT. The competency standard consists of: 1) Academic competencies (Lecturer, Instructor) which covers education, training, teaching, applied research, community services, and resources management, and leadership, 2) Management competencies (Managers, Technicians) which covers leadership and management and operations, and 3) Technical competencies, including business acumen, collaboration, technopreneurship. Performance management and evaluation are based on target or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and competency standard.  Competencies standards are also applied to RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), Assessment Center (TUK) and Professional Certification (LSP).
  2. COT Human Resource Development procedures of delivery including training, coaching clinics, focus group discussion, and online learning as well as performance management and rewards.
  3. Training of Trainers (TOT) for champions. The TOT target groups are: 1) Academic staff/lecturers, and 2) Administration staff/managers/technicians. The TOT programs mode of delivery based on adult learning principles and active learning methods.

Sample of competency-based Human Resource Development area for COT are as follows:

Academic Competency 

No Competencies Description
1 Subject matter Addresses the specific disciplines or research interests of the academics.
2 Teaching and learning Focuses on topics such as teaching/learning effectiveness, curriculum design, student evaluation, motivating students, technology-enabled learning, and problem-based learning.


3 Research Relates to all aspects of improving research skills including writing funding proposals, design, data analysis, and writing journal articles.


4 Community services & collaboration Focuses on providing service to community, internal and external collaboration with stakeholders including industry, communities, local government.


5 Leadership Includes generic leadership or soft skills in areas such as change management, interpersonal communication, time management, working in groups, problem solving, and cross-cultural communication.
6 Career development Addresses how to strategically plan for career development beyond simple progression through the ranks of professorship or administration.


Management Competency 

No Competencies Description
1 Job specific Relates to specific job role and its associated responsibilities.
2 Leadership Includes generic leadership or soft skills in areas such as change management, interpersonal communication, time management, working in groups, problem solving, and cross-cultural communication.
3 Higher education management Relates to all aspects of improving research skills including writing funding proposals, design, data analysis, and writing journal articles.


4 Technical skills Relates to technical skills in various areas in polytechnics.
5 Career development Addresses how to strategically plan for and implement career development paths.


Technical Competency

No Competencies Description
1 Business Acumen Focuses on how to conduct effective presentation, report writing, business communication in English and using technology.


2 Collaboration Focuses on effective and efficient cooperation and building a solid teamwork.
3 Entrepreneurship/ Technopreneurship


Focuses on developing personal mindset and behavior of entrepreneurs based on technology development.


A Systematic approaches will be used for COT Human Resource Development through Learning Value System. Learning Value System consist of 4 (four) phases:   1) Plan and Learning & development needs diagnosis, 2) Acquiring learning development solution, 3) Deliver and deployment, and 4) Learning impact measurement and evaluation.

Phase 1: Plan and needs diagnoses.

The first phase focuses on conducting need analysis and identifying the competencies required for COT human resource development. Needs diagnoses include:

  1. Planning the COT development through identification Polytechnic strategic plan, resources, time schedule, initiate framework, approaches and methodology, technical team roles and responsibilities
  2. Designing competency requirement of COT human resources development based on Indonesia Qualification Framework (IQF) or KKNI for industries.
  3. Conduct training needs analysis based on standard of qualifications of COT human resources.

Phase 2: Develop and acquiring solutions.

This phase focuses on developing system and modules including contents, worksheets and activities and other resources for human resource development activities include:

  1. Develop human resources development competency standard and model.
  2. Develop human resources development modules of teaching and learning, research, community and industry services, and resources management
  3. Implement Training of Trainer (TOT) programs including training curriculum and syllabus.
  4. Implement Performance Management and rewards system base on Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Phase 3: Deliver and deployment.

This phase focuses on 1) Deliver the competency based human resources development system, 2) conducting TOT for Champions in selected COT through workshop, on the job training, mentoring and coaching clinics, FGD (focused group discussion), and blended learning, 3) Implement performance management and rewards system

Phase 4: Learning impact evaluation and measurement.

The last phase focuses on developing evaluation system and instrument to measure and assess the effectiveness of COT human resources development and rewards system.







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